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Product Form and Packaging

At PT. Okamoto Indonesia, we recognize the unique requirements of each client. Accordingly, we present a diverse array of form factors, including Jumbo Rolls, in their unprocessed state; Log Rolls, semi-processed to achieve the desired final product length; and Finished Rolls, meticulously packaged and ready for retail sale.

Product Packaging

At PT. Okamoto Indonesia, we provide an extensive range of customized packaging solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client.

Paper Sleeve-fotor-20240110113347_edited.png

Paper Sleeve

Completely Eco-Friendly Packaging, able to be hung on hardware store shelves

Clear Shrink-fotor-20240110104331_edited

Clear Shrink

Completely clear shrink wrap packaging with separator for easy packaging removal

Custom Shrink-fotor-20240110114146_edite

Custom Shrink Sleeve

Custom shrink wrapped packaging  with printed designs


Standard Polybag

Custom printed polybag packaging with extra product details


Paper Label

Clear Shrink Packaging with a paper pad with extra product details

Photo 03-01-24, 15.44_edited.png

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes with printed designs and logos ready to be sold in bulk.

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